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Why is S-5! offering these online training courses?

We are committed to educating our customers on a wide variety of topics related to metal roofing. The trainings cover various rooftop accessories, what differentiates our products, correct product selection, proper installation and best industry practices in the given subject matter, so you gain both knowledge and adaptable solutions.


How does S-5-University work?

A login-based system, the online training center allows you to complete lessons within each course at your own pace. As you progress through the lessons at your convenience, the system remembers where you are in the process. This allows you to easily pick up where you left off at a later time. Each lesson builds upon the last one becoming more advanced as you go. At the end of each lesson, a brief quiz will help ensure you clearly understood the material and provide immediate results. If you miss a question in the quiz, you can go back and review material within any specific section.


When will it be fully developed?

We hope to have all lessons in the first curriculum available within six months.


What type of recognition will I receive?

After finishing a full course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion to celebrate your achievement.

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